Cefalú & Taormina’s Madonna della Rocca

New day, new life and… nope, still sick!

Up bright and early as we have quite a bit planned for our first day down the coast. First stop, Cefalú, a small and picturesque town located on the north coast of the island about 1 hour away from Palermo and well loved by Italian tourists.

There we decided to walk up to the “Rocca di Cefalú” yet still wearing inappropriate footwear and lacking water (it seems that we just never learn from our mistakes!). Views are cool from up there but just not worth the hell walk if you ask us (you can’t really see the old town), but a must do none the less as the view is still cool.

Quick stop by the beach to play with Nick’s drone and quick lunch before we head off again for a 2.5 hour drive south to Taormina.

Nice coastal drive to start, then came the tunnels… So many tunnels. SO MANY NON LIT, NARROW TUNNELS! Italians don’t seem to care as their driving was still shocking but we drove at the speed of a snail trying not to end in a wall.

After a wrong turn thanks to Google Maps (which is usually pretty good to us but very useless in Sicily so far) and a very windy road up the mountain, we finally arrive at our hotel, which is perfectly located at the entrance of the old town.

A quick walk up another mountain and we end up at the “Madonna della Rocca”, another high up castle offering a cool view down on the town. Definitely worth it this time!

We tried to catch the sunset behind Mount Etna but didn’t quite time this one, we arrived too early and were too hungry to wait around.

We ended up in a cute little restaurant near Corso Umberto where we both had the greatest pasta of all time: pasta with bacon, cream and pistachio. Yuuum!!

Then back to our hotel for some admin (ie trying to work out how this blog is working) and photo editing.

Till tomorrow.



– Keep your lights on at all times whilst driving on the coast
– In Cefalú, park at the historic center carpark (1€/hour) to enjoy a car free day
– In Taormina, park in the Lumbi Carpark (secure carpark, 10€/24 hours) and get the free shuttle up to the town

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