After just over a week on the road and a lack of clean socks, we decided this morning was an opportune time to do a wash, especially after seeing a laundrette 2 doors down from our B&B the day before.

Well we thought it was, until we arrived at a proper and quite fancy dry cleaner instead. Needing to stick to our budget, we instead made our way to another launderette, this time nearly 1km away from our place. We took forever to find it, overpaid for tokens we didn’t need, then traded back said tokens to people wanting to do a wash… What an adventure!

2 hours later (only!), and we were on our way to the old town’s center for a Renaissance tour with Rick Steves, the same podcast we used in Uffizi. This podcast is great, with very good insight but it was still tricky to find our way around with their directions and Nick’s love for photography (basically stopping every 2 minutes for a shot or a Go Pro timelapse). But we finished the walk with good knowledge on this city that had such a big impact on Italy and European history.

After our walk we had built up an appetite, so looked for something a little out of the way of the main tourist traps. We were very happy with what we found, a small bar that served a great selection of light bites, perfect for a quick lunch on the go. The highlight was the pecorino, salami and honey.

Bulli & Balene lunch stop

We then decided to make our way to visit the Palazzo Pitti and the attached sprawling Boboli Gardens. Another fail though as the palace is closed on Mondays (Great. We’ll visit it tomorrow then), but luckily we could still visit the gardens.

Palazzo Piti

They are impeccably maintained with lush green bushes and vines, and lead to Piazzale Michelangelo where we planned to go for its renowned panoramic view over the city. It is well known for a reason; this spot is not to be missed and quite spectacular.

By that point it was 35 degrees and the sun wasn’t our friend so we decided to buy a beer and find shelter below a tree in the rose garden just below the Piazza to cool down.

Earlier during the day we saw that this week was the ‘Pitti Firenze’, a celebration of Florence’s fashion industry with different celebrations around the city so we made our way back near the Duomo where we knew a fashion show would be taking place. The show was cool to watch but that heat was intense, so after a while we called it a day.

We strolled home, stopping only for dinner (pasta, naturally). If we weren’t walking so much, I don’t think we’d fit in to the clothes we brought! The rest of the evening was spent packing and preparing for our next step… Roma (including scrambling to buy Vatican and Colosseum tickets).



  • That little place we stopped at for lunch is called Bulli & Balene. Definitely recommend!
  • Like most places, Palazzo Pitti and Palazzo Vecchio are closed on Mondays…
  • Go to Piazzale Michelangelo for the most breathtaking view of the city. Definitely worth it!

Distance walked: 21970 steps – 14km

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