Rome – Colosseum and Roman Forum

Second day in the Emperor city!

Today was dedicated to the very colossal (and very touristy) Colosseum and Roman Forum.


Once again we decided to pre-purchase skip the line tickets to avoid having to queue for hours under the 31 degree heat of the day.

After a quick stroll around, we finally join in the group queue to enter this ancient gladiator stadium. Our podcast once again is captivating and gives us a very interesting insight on how the Colosseum was built and how it was used for gruesome battles and executions thousands of years ago.


Unfortunately our tickets didn’t allow us to visit underground, but we can see parts from where we stood and it’s amazing to think of it as the backstage of this crazy ‘theatre’, filled with people and animals that were preparing to fight for their lives.


After the Colosseum we headed to the Roman Forum next door. This used to be the old Roman city with its basilica, square, arches and temples. You can also see the spot where Julius Caesar was burnt after his death, where people still put down flowers to this day in his honor.

Roman Forum

Rome is just an open air museum and we don’t know where to look, everything is thousands of years old and worthy of attention. You’d need weeks here if you stopped at every ancient building/monument/statue of interest. Definitely a big change for us compared to the relatively youthful Australia.

Constantine’s Arch

Tomorrow, our final day in Rome, we’ll continue our tour of the city before heading further south to Naples and Pompeii.



  • Do not go to Rome in the middle of summer. Mid-june is already so crazy hot, coming in July/August would be pure torture. There’s not much shade, and when there is be prepared to battle for it!
  • When going to the Colosseum, you HAVE to go to the Roman Forum. Too interesting to miss, and tickets are usually bundled.
  • Ignore the ‘water water water’ men, who try to sell you bottled water every minute. Plenty of cold water fountains dotted around.

Distance walked: 19,559 steps – 12.6km

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