Amalfi Coast – Sorrento

After a very uncomfortable night (really, really hot with no A/C or fan) and an early morning ferry to catch, it was with great excitement that we made our way out of Naples. Going closer to the marina, we were expecting the city to be less grubby but unfortunately our hatred for this city stayed with us until the end.

We hopped on a ferry to make our way to Sorrento, a little town at the entrance of the Amalfi coast where we spent most of our day. The ferry was painless (45 min). When we arrived at the port we dropped off our luggage at the info point (5 euros per baggage) and on our way we went to spend the day on a beach bed to relax.

Sorrento marina

This was well deserved, though a bit of a hit on our rough daily budget (28 euros for 2 beds, at the current exchange rate that’s nearly $50 to lie down!). After a few hours we decided it was time to go for a stroll around the town. Sorrento is a lovely town and we really enjoyed our time at the beach and roaming around the small alleyways.

At the end of the day we made our way to the main bus/train station to catch a Sita bus, which dropped us at the square in Colli Di Fontanelle. Our B&B host was kind enough to come and pick us up from there; it’s not that far but the walk is on the main road with a tiny footpath so quite impossible with our luggage (and the reckless drivers).

Our B&B was a gorgeous apartment in the mountain with the most beautiful sea view (quite the change from Naples!). A brilliant full moon (plus Jupiter making an appearance!) made for a spectacular view from the balcony in the evening.

The view from our place in Colli Di Fontanelle

For dinner our host recommended a local restaurant just down the road, which turned out to be fantastic. We ate some nice char-grilled chicken with potatoes and salad, and drunk some delicious local white wine. Highly recommend!

Today we broke the bank but it was nice to have a proper ‘holiday day’ after such a busy week last week. We regret nothing!

Tomorrow we will continue to make our way through the Amalfi Cost by visiting Positano and see what the fuss is all about.



  • If you’re on a budget, Colli di Fontanelle is a perfect spot for an overnight stay. It is a lot cheaper than the bigger cities around and it’s a lovely little place for a quiet night. Our B&B was this one, the host was very nice and the place amazing.
  • Even though we struggled to find any info online, the Info Point at the port of Sorrento does keep luggage during the day while you can enjoy Sorrento hands free.
  • The place where we had dinner is called Ristorante La Rosa. Great cosy spot with good food, nice staff and great view.

Walking distance: 10,660 steps, 7.2 km

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