Amalfi Coast – Positano

After a peaceful and quiet night in Colli di Fontanelle and a lovely breakfast on our balcony over looking the sea, we headed to the bus stop to make our way to Positano.

After the horror stories we’d read online, we mentally conditioned ourselves for the worst. We thought the bus may be full and it would take us ages to get on one (it wasn’t, we got on the first one that arrived). We thought finding a place to store our luggage could be difficult as numerous attempts to research this online were fruitless (there was one directly opposite where the bus dropped us off). We also thought we may struggle to organize our way to Furore for the night to reach our accommodation as it’s off the beaten track (we didn’t – the luggage storage store also organized transfers and it cost us 70€ from Positano to Furore, when we thought we’d need to bus to Praiano and THEN pay 70€ from there). It was a very successful morning!

After making all of our onward travel arrangements, we made our way to the main beach for an hour of kayaking to enjoy the view of the town from the water.

Kayak time

Positano is a picturesque town built in to the hillside, well worth the trip along the very windy and narrow road. But be warned, it is full of tourists and the stairs can be a real challenge on an above 25 degree day. There’s a LOT of them!

After our fun kayaking session we strolled through a path to go to the other beach, Fornillo beach, where we had a nice lunch at one of the more affordable snack bars followed by some very hot resting time on the beach itself. It was way too hot to stay on there though so we only stayed about one hour before heading back to the town for some browsing around; you could fry an egg on those stones I think! ††

Enjoy some local produce in the shade

After a full day, some great times and a near death experience walk back up the stairs to our taxi, we arrived in Furore where we will spend the night before heading to Amalfi and Minori tomorrow.



  • Get to Positano‘ is the company that has a shop just opposite the bus stop. They kept our luggage all day (10€ per bag), organized our private taxi transfer to Furore (1 hour drive away), and they also organize different tours around the Amalfi coast.
  • Kayaking is a great and inexpensive way to see Positano from the sea without booking a super yacht (even though we’d love the super yacht life).
  • Buses get full at the end of the day and don’t stop. Queues at bus stops are crazy from 4pm. Time your return right to avoid having to wait for a bus for hour (or hire a driver like we did, worth it).

Distance walked: 9,882 steps – 5.8km (50 floors – This town is not for those with heart conditions!)

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