Amalfi Coast – Amalfi & Minori

Another clear sky and beautiful morning on the sunny Amalfi coast.

Breakfast was included for once with our hotel, so we enjoyed a nice buffet breakfast on the hotel terrace whilst taking in the most breath-taking view on the Mediterranean Sea.

Breakfast in Furore

It must seem cliché, but the Amalfi coast is famous for a reason. There is so much beautiful scenery to soak in; colourful mountainside houses and luxury hotels litter the snaking road, it’s truly spectacular.

However, its windy and narrow roads are a death trap for any non Italian driver – we do not regret changing our plans from driving to a mixture of buses, ferries and private drivers for a second.

After a 20 minute drive with the transfer we organised the day before (40€ from Furore), we arrived in Amalfi for a morning of meandering around. As with its fellow coastal towns, Amalfi is filled with shady little alley ways, tourist shops selling limoncello and fridge magnets, and a cute basilica that we decided not to visit. A nice and relaxing morning.

After a couple of hours of strolling, we then made our way to our next stop for the night, Minori.

Minori is a more affordable and quieter stop between Amalfi and Salerno. Our hotel was located right on the corner of the beach, providing the greatest view from our room and the hotel shared spaces.

View of Minori from our hotel bedroom

We’ve used today as a resting day in order to catch up with any admin we needed to do; it ‘s really nice to relax in a tiny quiet town after the hectic 2 weeks we’ve just had. We write this on the hotel balcony over looking the beach, cold beer in hand.

After dinner we headed back down to the waterfront to Sal De Riso, a famous Italian patisserie chain that started here in Minori (he’s somewhat of an Italian celebrity since he won awards for his desserts). With hundreds of different cakes to chose from, making our choice was not a piece of cake! It took us some time to decide, but we finally settled on a dark chocolate, biscuit and hazelnut cake. Quite a treat!

So many cakes!

Tomorrow we’re getting the ferry to Salerno, where we will pick up a car and drive east towards Puglia, the stop for our final 3 nights in Italy.



  • All our hotels on the Amalfi coast were sub 100€ a night. Amalfi is expensive but if you start looking at accommodations early and outside the biggest tourist spots, you can find affordable and good standing hotels.
  • Sal de Riso pastries are sooo good. Famous spot recommended by locals. Definitely worth a stop.

Distance walked: 8,243 steps – 5.4km

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