Polignano a Mare

Never ones to shy away from an inclusive buffet breakfast, we woke up early to make the most of it before we made our way to Salerno from Minori.

A pleasant 40min ferry journey dropped us at the Salerno marina, and a few minutes walk saw us reach our hire car destination.

Minori from the ferry

The 3 hour drive from Salerno to our next stop, Polignano a Mare in the Puglia region, was thankfully largely uneventful.

The only slight cause for concern was having to merge on to a highway in between 4 lorries, all speeding and none of them wanting to give way. The 30m of slip road didn’t help matters, but we squeezed in between them in the end. Driving is probably better on the main land than in Sicily, but still not fantastic. Italian drivers are really crazy.

The host at our new B&B didn’t speak any English or French, but we got by using Google Translate. He was really helpful and the place where we’re staying is fantastic. Well priced too!

Since we will be spending a few nights here, we headed out to stock up the fridge.

We then left for a stroll around the town – it’s stunning! Very similar to Santorini in appearance, plus a tiny beach slotted in the centre in between rocks. It also reminds us of Syracuse a little, with it’s sandy coloured bricks in places.

There’s also the very famous grotto restaurant here, but at 180 euro ($310) per person (NOT including wine) we sadly won’t be venturing there… It’s a bit early in the trip to go off the rails spending wise, although the Amalfi Coast did a good job of trying!

Grotto restaurant (bottom left)

Loving here so far; tomorrow we will go for a swim, soak up some rays and explore this town a bit more.



  • After looking at buses and trains to go from Salerno to Bari, the car is definitely the cheapest and most convenient way to go if traveling from the west coast.
  • Our accommodation here is perfect! It’s perfectly located, clean, modern and the host is very nice (though he doesn’t speak any English). Link here
  • Polignano a Mare is a stunning place in Puglia. Definitely worth staying a few days.

Distance walked: 10,650 steps – 7.4km

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