Alberobello & Ostuni

We are so in love with Puglia!

After 2 days in Polignano a Mare, filled with some great reading time, playing in the sea and getting sun burnt (well, Nick anyway), we thought today would be dedicated to exploring some more of the region. We made our way to Alberobello, aka (to us) as smurf village.

After seeing all the beautiful photos of the “trulli” online a few years back, this town has always been on our travel list. Thankfully, it didn’t disappoint.
Alberobello is just so picture perfect!

The “trulli” are old houses unique to this region, first constructed in the 16th Century. They were built without the use of mortar, specifically so they could avoid paying land tax (they used to dismantle them when they knew a check was planned, then rebuild them after). Smart!

Amazing to think these structures, only ever designed to be temporary, have lasted so well.

The town is quite touristy but nothing in comparison to the Amalfi coast or the other cities we’ve visited so far. The temperature was punishing again though, and peaked at 35 which had us following the shade as always.

The trulli are actually a lot bigger than we thought inside, as we’ve been able to visit a couple (a lot of them are open and you can visit in exchange for a coin donation). It was awesome to finally see this town we dreamed of visiting for so long.

After that, we then made our way to Ostuni, another picturesque town 45min drive further south of Alberobello. There we could have sworn we were in Greece. Everything is white, doors and windows are painted green or blue. Quite confusing.

And then a miracle happened… we came across a cat and her young kitten! Anyone that knows us knows how much we love cats and this felt like a present sent from the gods haha.

The kitty was so small and adorable! We basically had to drag each other away otherwise we would have slept there.

Ostuni is also well worth the trip south. Puglia deserves so much more time than we have allocated, but we just can’t do everything. We’ll have to return one day.

We loved the fact it’s not as touristic as the rest of the country, people are a lot friendlier, and landscapes can easily be mistaken for Greek island’s.

Unfortunately, tomorrow marks our last day in Italy, but then we’re heading to Corfu for a week on a sailing boat around the Greek islands thanks to Captain Dexter senior (Nick’s dad).

Can’t wait to get there!



  • Alberobello is a must do during your trip to Puglia. Touristic but just so beautiful to see.
  • Go to Piazza de Popollo for a great view of the trulli from an elevated point.
  • Alberobello and Ostuni are quite close to each other. They can both be done on the same day.

Distance walked: 10,616 steps – 6.85km

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