A week on a sailing boat – Sivota Mourtos & Plataria

Now time to leave lovely Gaios and head to Sivota Mourtos to re-join the group.

Exiting Gaios harbour on the north side (we entered from the south the day before) was lovely as we got to see the town from the water. Such a nice spot. Really recommend Paxos, it’s a very beautiful island from what we saw!

On our way to Sivota Mourtos we stopped the engine to try and spot some more dolphins. Though we didn’t see any this time, it was amazing to be floating in silence in the middle of a very calm Ionian Sea. Not one wave. Great for a nap – not so great for a sail.

After a bit of research Nick found a famous bay to check out on our way to Sivota, called Blue Lagoon Bay (no explanation needed). Once we got there, it was just too busy to anchor so we decided to stop in a tiny bay opposite instead. We anchored there and had the place all to ourselves, so enjoyed a lovely lunch and some play time in the sea.

We then made our way to Sivota Pantoon where we parked up for the night and had a lovely dinner in a Greek taverna in Sivota’s main harbour, a short (but at times steep!) walk over the hill.

The next morning after our morning briefing, we made our way to Plataria, another stop on the mainland.

After 30min or so of sailing, a rudder failure warning came up and made us turn around to meet the group’s engineer so he could do some checks.

After getting the green light, we set sail back out for another leisure lunch on the sea, this time joined by a swordfish that we watched jump out of the water a few times. Shame it didn’t jump on the boat, he would have been a nice addition to our lunch!

Once we arrived at Plataria, we made our way to the beach for some more sun time and came across a puppy there! We called him Selene (the name of our boat), and spent some quality time with the pup, he was adorable.

Before dinner we sat at one of the marina’s bar terraces to watch the sun set with drinks, the town is well known for its beautiful sunsets. Great start to a lovely evening.

Tomorrow we’re making our way back to Gouvia Marina for our last night in Corfu, before we fly to our next stop – Athens.


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