Milos – Klima & Plaka

Today we headed to Milos. An early wake up (6am alarm), a packed train and 1.5 hour trip saw us reach Athens airport and make our way to another beautiful Greek island.

For some reasons our Sky Express ticket gave us access to the lounge, where we enjoyed a nice breakfast. A nice surprise from what appeared to be a budget airline. Given the horror reviews and the 13kg check in allowance we were given (and both comfortably exceeded), we were very lucky not to be stung by fees at check in.

After a quick 30 minutes in a propeller plane (terrifying, I’m sure some cars are bigger), we finally arrived in Milos.

It’s a beautiful, small Cycladic island north of Santorini. It’s a lot less touristy, but with as many picturesque places to visit.

After dropping off our bags in what we’ll call home for the next 4 nights – a lovely little hotel in Adamas, nicely decorated and perfectly located – we made our way by bus to Trypiti, and from there we walked down to reach a little fisherman village well known for its colorful houses, called Klima.

Our Hotel room

It was stunning down there! So peaceful and quiet with the most beautiful background and clear waters. Traditionally this tiny village was home to the local fisherman, who would keep their boats in the garages below and sleep in the apartment above. Whilst it’s still used for this purpose, a quick search showed an Air Bnb in one of them – this would be an awesome place to stay.


After some looking around, we had a little dip and some sun before heading back up to Plaka, the main town in Milos.

We decided to walk back using a path we saw when walking down near the village. It had pretty steep stairs, and as usual, we were not wearing the right gear (flip flops/sandals) and didn’t have enough water, but we made it alive!

The ‘stairs’ back up from Klima

One of Nick’s biggest traveling skills is finding the best sunset spots, and again he didn’t disappoint with the “Utopia cafe”.

It is well known for its unobstructed view over the sea and its magical sunsets. We arrived just after it opened and managed to nab front row seats, with Greek beers for company. The perfect way to end the first day.

Watching the sunset from Utopia cafe



  • Utopia cafe in Plaka is the place to be to watch sunsets. It opens at 6pm and all seats are pretty much taken by 6.15pm so don’t get there too late. The free option is to go up to watch it from the Castle or the church, both up the hill near the cafe. We’ll do that in a couple of days.
  • Klima seems to be the quietest place on the island (though the other towns are not full of tourists either). Seems to be the perfect little spot away if you want some down time. We walked down but you can catch a taxi from Plaka or Trypiti for an easier ride.

Distance walked: 16,900 steps – 13.1km

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