Milos – South Coast

Yesterday our hotel told us about a company that organizes half day boat tours around the island. As the south west and west sides of the island can only be reached by boat, we decided to book the tour for the afternoon from 3 to 8pm to avoid the punishing peak sun and enjoy some time on a boat again (we miss our sailing days).

After breakfast on our balcony and a quick bus ride, we arrived in Plaka to discover the neighbourhood before our boat tour as we didn’t really get a chance to visit properly the day before.

This place is the typical gorgeous Greek island location, filled with white painted walls and blue doors & windows. A real photographers dream.

We’ve enjoyed going around and getting higher and higher up to check out the breathtaking seaside views from the hill at the top of the town.

After lunch we headed back to Adamas to our meeting point to get on the boat. Disappointingly, the host told us we wouldn’t be able to visit the west of the island due to wind from the north, and offered to go south instead.

We were a bit sad as we really wanted to see the west especially to see the famous Sikia cave, but agreed to go for the south part and we’re so glad we did. We had a blast of a day!

The boat we joined was a ‘Volcano’ boat, designed by a famous Italian speed boat designer (Fabio Buzzi) who holds the record for the fastest boat speed (252km/hour). In its original form it could reach 100 knots, although it’s been modified a lot to accommodate tours now and it didn’t go over 20, thankfully!

We got to spend 5 hours on the water, going through different parts of the island, snorkelling through caves, and playing in the crystal clear sea.

We even made some Aussie friends who were from Cronulla, a suburb close to inner Sydney.

One of the final spots we stopped at was called Kleftiko, a famous old pirate hide out and also one of Milos’ best known attractions due to its striking white rocks formations.

To top it all up, the skipper offered us some beers and snacks along the way making this day unforgettable.



  • The company we used for the boat tour was ‘Volcano Boat‘. The budget ‘erupted’ on this one (67,5€ each – we got 10% off thanks to our hotel), but we knew Milos would be the island we’d be spending a bit more. It’s our honeymoon after all!
  • Plaka in the morning is very quiet. Ideal for a coffee or a stroll around.

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