Milos – North Coast

There’s a few places we had short-listed to see on the north coast of the island, so we set aside one day to hit them all. We caught a 10am bus to the first stop, Sarakiniko.

Whilst it had a pleasant beach and clear waters to swim in, which we did for a while, this place was busy (by Milos standards) for a different reason. The landscape was pretty unique; swirling white rocks that resemble pristine sand dunes ran as far as the eye could see. Very photogenic indeed!

We enjoyed exploring the area, which included having a closer look at a shipwreck just a few hundred metres up from the main area.

We ate some lunch that we’d packed and headed off to stop number 2, Mandrakia.

This was supposed to be a 1hr+ walk according to Google Maps, heading way back up to the main road then across and back down. After closer inspection on satellite view, I was confident (ish) that we’d be able to cut the corner.

Of course this could have gone horribly wrong, however today we were actually very well prepared (loads of food and water, proper shoes) so we gambled. Luckily it paid off, and we cut around 40min off our walk.

We had a short swim/sun stop in Mandrakia, which was a tiny little village that hosted a few small fishing boats and some more welcoming water to take a dip in.

Then on to our 3rd and final stop – Firopotamos. It was only 4km away but the first 1km was up a very steep road, with nowhere to hide from the sun – no short cuts this time!

We were pretty happy to hit flat (but winding) road, and then the final part downhill to the beach.

This was another picturesque little stop, so we spent the rest of the afternoon here.

We found a shaded area to escape the relentless sun, had a few swims to cool down, and enjoyed another refreshing Mythos (Greek beer) before heading back up hill to catch the bus back from Plaka.

Happy to have seen those 3 stops today, and even happier we were prepared as much as we could be for the heat (it was still tough in parts, and we still caught a bit too much sun today, oops!).

Tomorrow we’re going to spend the day over on nearby island Kimolos!



  • For prepared walkers only, you can cut the corner between Sarakiniko and Mandrakia going through the bush. Be careful though, it’s steep in places and pretty remote.
  • The sunbeds are only 7 euros for two in Firopotamos, but it’s first come first serve and competition is fierce.
  • There are no cafes on this route, except a popular one in Mandrakia, Medousa. Get your name on the list then swim if there’s a wait.

Distance walked: 13,733 steps, 8.34 km – 89 Floors

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