Milos – Kimolos & Pollonia

Kimolos; no, Kim hasn’t adopted a Greek name. This is a small island on the North Eastern side of Milos, and where we decided to spend the day. Kimolos can be reached after getting a bus ride from Adamas to Pollonia (20 min), and then a half hour ferry over to the island. Pretty simple.

The island itself is pretty, VERY quiet. I guess Milos itself isn’t a proper tourist hub (yet!), so Kimolos could only be quieter. After a quick walk up to the castle from the ferry port, we made a nice lunch stop in one of the family run restaurants in the town. Here we enjoyed roast chicken with a view over the town and the sea.

After lunch we made our way to Rema Beach, a small beach where we spent our afternoon reading and playing in the sea, before heading back to Milos for a nice aperitif on our balcony.

Here there was also a rock formation known as ‘elephant rock’, you’ll see why!

Elephant Rock

The next morning we made our way back to Pollonia, where we spent the day waiting for our flight to Athens and then on to Lisbon.

We decided to go back as it seemed very pretty from what we saw the day before, but we didn’t get a chance to stop as we had to catch the ferry.

We decided to treat ourselves to sunbeds (15€ for 2 beds and an umbrella) and to chill there until we had to make our way back to the airport in the afternoon.


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