We had so much fun in Greece and thoroughly enjoyed each day.

It was a perfect mix of island hoping on the sailing boat, cultural sightseeing in Athens, and relaxed island life in Milos.

Sailing route: Corfu – Mainland – Paxos
Athens, Milos & Kimolos


We gave ourselves an approximate $1,800 budget for this leg (Athens & Milos), and ended up spending $1,644.

Breakdown as per below:

What we would have done differently

  • Nothing really. Everything we’ve done seemed logical (to us anyway) and we haven’t thought of changing our plans along the way. You could spend a bit longer in Milos if you wanted to as there are a few other islands around that are reachable by ferry and worth visiting (Sifnos, Folegandros).
  • Adamas in Milos is the easiest place to stay as all buses leave from there and drop off at different spots around the island, but Plaka is by far the prettiest town (though no beach around).
  • We haven’t as we were happy to bus and walk (pretty steep and hot walks), but renting a car or quad is probably the easiest way to go around the island.

Fun facts

  • You pay when exiting the bus in Milos and they give you a (useless) ticket, which you inevitably end up throwing out immediately. Seems like a waste of paper.
  • Greece is home to thousands of stray cats (which we obviously enjoyed very much) who are watered and fed by locals daily. We thought Greeks were awesome just for that alone (but in general they were really lovely people anyway).



  • Athens studio was a pretty good accommodation in Athens. It was near the main tourist attractions and it was good to have our own place to ourselves. We paid 88 euros for 3 nights.
  • Giannoulis Hotel in Milos was a great accommodation. It was very near Adamas center, a 5 min walk to the bus station and 3 min walk to the supermarket. Winner. We paid 310 euros for 3 nights.

For a bite

  • Zorbas Taverna in Corfu served monster portions and very good Greek food. Highly recommend. It’s also very reasonably priced around 10-15 euros for a main.

For a drink

  • Geor Olimpiou square in Athens in a very hipster like neighborhood with plenty of cool bars and restaurants to hand out after a long day of sightseeing.
  • Lycabettus Hill Cafe is great to have a drink overlooking the city of Athens. They also have a great restaurant which we haven’t been able to try (way over our budget range) but it would be amazing at night as it’s overlooking the acropolis and the city.
  • Utopia Caffe in Plaka, Milos is well known for its magical sunsets. Go early (it opens at 6pm) to grab a front seat over the sea. Truly beautiful.


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