We had the best time in Portugal and really enjoyed this country.

Lisbon and Porto were amazing, and it was good to get to see different little towns along the way between the 2 cities.

In terms of food, we tried all of the local delicacies we were looking for, apart from the tripes in Porto.

People from Porto are nicknamed ‘tripeiros’ due to their love of this dish, which dates back to when all of the good food was taken by the soldiers when they left for battle; all that was left for the remaining town folk was tripe.

What we would have done differently

  • In total we stayed 8 days. For this length of time, it would have probably been best to spend more time in Lisbon and Porto and less time on the road/coast.
  • If you do want to stop and enjoy a beach, Nazaré was a great stop. You could easily relax here a couple of days, enjoying drinks and meals on the beach front restaurants. If it’s Winter and the winds are up, going to the lighthouse to see the record breaking waves would be pretty amazing, especially if you time it for the big wave surf competitions. No doubt accommodation would fill up when this is on, so you’d need to book well in advance.
  • Sintra is an easy day trip from Lisbon, as is Aveiro/Costa Nova from Porto.
  • We believe the below would have probably been a slightly better itinerary:

– 4 days in Lisbon including Sintra as a day trip by train from Lisbon

– Drive up to Nazaré and stay 2 nights in Nazaré to enjoy the beach in summer. You can keep Ericeira as a lunch stop or stay overnight if you have more time

– 3 or 4 days in Porto as this city is really cool. We really loved it.

  • We haven’t done The Algarve as we didn’t have enough time, but this region is now on our travel list for a later trip.

Total budget

In total we’ve spent $503 on accommodation, staying in B&Bs and small hotels. As we were travelling with my parents though, our total budget here is not a true representation of what we would have spent if we were just together, but Portugal is overall quite cheap and a great destination if travelling on a budget.



  • Lisbon: Friendly Hills Bairro Alto. The room was really clean with a great view over the roofs of the city. definitely recommend. We paid 96 euros for 2 nights. Click here for more
  • Sintra: Residencial Real in Praia das Macas. It’s about 20-25min drive from Sintra and is right next to the sea with a beautiful terrace overlooking the beach. We paid 45 euros for 1 night. Though our room was at the bottom floor with no sea view. Click here for more
  • Nazaré: Casa do Mare. Beautiful B&B in the older part of the town, near the fenicular. we paid 34 euros for 1 night. Click here for more

For a bite

  • Casa da India in Bairro Alto, Lisbon. Despite its name it serves amazing local Portuguese food. A main is around 10-15 euros.
  • Tasca do Manel in Bairro Alto, also a great little local restaurant to try Portuguese food.
  • Time out market is the perfect lunch stop. It’s a little bit pricier though. Count around 20 euros for a meal.
  • Pasteis de Belem, Belem (Lisbon) to eat the best Pasteis de nata. we paid 1,6 euros per pasteis.
  • Mar d’Areia, Ericeira, was a great lunch spot for anything seafood related. Count between 15-20 euros for a main.
  • Cafe Santiago in Porto to eat the famous Francesinha. Prices range from 8 to 12 euros per dish + drinks.
  • Confeitaria Peixhino in Aveiro to eat the famous Ovos Moles.

For a drink

  • Park in Lisbon for a drink with an amazing view over the bridge and the city. Be careful, it gets busy very quickly.
  • Guindalense Football Club in Porto for another drink with a view.


Total km driving: 750km

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