Iceland – Blue Lagoon & Thingvellir National Park

A 7am alarm and 30min uber drive saw us reach the airport to catch our flight to Iceland.

Iceland has always been on both of our travel bucket lists, with its beautiful green landscapes, volcanic rocks and glaciers.

We’ve heard amazing things about Iceland in general, so it made the short-list of countries to visit with ease and made a great stepping stone across the Atlantic.

We had also heard about how expensive Iceland can be, so when planning for this week we decided to keep the costs down by renting a campervan. This combined both transport and accommodation, as well as gave us the extra freedom we were after.

We initially booked our camper through a company called ‘Sadcars’, but in between the time we booked (and paid) and our arrival a few months later, the company went bust (sad cars indeed!) and got purchased by another called Solstice campers.

We received an email a few weeks back explaining the situation and also where we needed to pick up the van in the city now rather than the airport.

This change of plan was quite frustrating for us because of the plan we had for the day, and the company also isn’t the best at communicating information so it started our Icelandic trip on a stressful note.

When we arrived at the airport, we had to get the shuttle bus to the Blue Lagoon to make our 2pm time slot.

I got the tickets at Christmas so that it wouldn’t be an expense we would need to include for this trip.

The blue lagoon was awesome! It’s a natural pool filled with volcanic water, silica and minerals – all great for your skin.

The building around is modern and clean, with showers and lockers and also a beauty shop if you want to purchase the newly launched Icelandic beauty product range.

When reading the website, I saw that the silica water could be making hair stiff and that it was advised to use conditioner on hair ends to avoid it drying out which I did. Their conditioner is amazing! It made my hair so silky after weeks of neglect.I really need to find some when I get back to Australia (too expensive to buy now).

We then arrived at the pool and enjoyed the complimentary silica face mask to deeply cleanse, and then made our way to get our complimentary Icelandic beer.

The pool was a lot less busy than we thought it would be. Everytime we saw pictures of it, it seemed quite crowded but today wasn’t bad at all (plus the shining sun).

We truly enjoyed the experience going around the different areas of the pool (and differing temperatures, 38 degrees on one side and 40 degrees on another).

After 2h30 or so, we made our way to the shuttle to head to the city’s bus station and get our camper.And then we saw her, our camper… Or should I say our large car! It was the tiniest thing we will hopefully ever have to sleep in!

It’s basically just a large van in which they’ve built in a retractable wooden frame for the bed and put a couple of pans and plates. It’s small.

Our camper in Tasmania was 3 times the size of this, a real camper, and we felt that was a bit small so this will test us this week, especially when it rains!

After getting over the size of the van, we made our way to Bonus (the cheapest supermarket) to do our food shop for the week where we ended up spending $95 on a few tins and bread.

They didn’t lie. Iceland is expensive.

For the night we initially thought of driving all the way to Snaefellsjokull National Park, but as it was over 2 hours drive away and would then make us drive over 4 hours the following day, we decided to get close to our next stop instead, Thingvellir National Park.

The scenery there was just so breathtaking with mountains all around, a lake where birds were resting, a few men fishing, and the sun slowly going down (though it never got to get pitch black as summer in Iceland means it’s light the whole time).

After a lovely dinner using the camping barbecue to cook burgers, we walked around the lake and sat to take in the view.

This week will be challenging on the comfort point of view but we’re sure all the places we’ll get to visit will be unforgettable.



  • Book your blue lagoon tickets in advance as I’m pretty sure you can’t just walk in. Our tickets were the ‘Comfort’ ones which include the complimentary silica mask and a drink. Definitely enough for us but there are more premium deals available as well including massages, dinner etc.
  • Thingvillier camp-site is beautiful. Very quiet, with views on the lake, though it doesn’t have showers (lucky we showered at the blue lagoon!) and near all the Thingvillier’s famous spots.

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