Iceland – Reykjavik

We finished our trip back where we started, Reykjavik.

We didn’t get a chance to visit when we arrived, so we spent 2 nights in a campsite just outside the city centre.

We strolled through the streets, making our way to a very strange looking church located in the middle of the city.

The streets were very quiet; it only got a little busy when we arrived on the main strip, laiden with souvenir and tourist shops. There’s also plenty of (very expensive) outdoor clothing stores, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of needing a $500 jacket to keep you warm!

The church itself was quite impressive, both outside and in. It’s a modern Gothic like architecture, very different. The organ inside was incredible!

We headed on towards the furthest stop on our list, a large grass mound that offered great views back towards the city across the harbour.

The walk was a little further than it looked, so promptly headed back to the main streets to find lunch.

After seeing plenty of menus for $30 burgers, we found a reasonably priced cafe and enjoyed some tasty salmon bagels.

After lunch we strolled back to the campsite and began getting prepared for flying the following day.

This included very expensive laundry, and having to decorate our car with clothes as the dryer didn’t quite do the job.

A soup restaurant came highly recommended by a friend of ours, so we took a night off cooking and walked the 30min back in to the town to try it.

The menu was simple – meat or vegetable! We both went for the meat option, which contained lamb, beef, paprika, cumin and some vegetables.

It was a very hearty meal, and we both really enjoyed it. As the bowl itself was made of bread, nothing was left behind!

We turned in for the final night with the back drop of another incredible sunset (which started around 11pm), and started looking into what we wanted to see and do in Canada.

The following morning we said an emotional farewell to our trusty car/home, as we dropped her off at the bus station and headed for the airport. Next stop – Canada.



Reykjavik is pretty small and there aren’t loads of things to do. Half a day is plenty. Better to use your time discovering the rest of the island rather than spending it in the capital city.
Svarta Kaffio is the restaurant where we ate the soup. It was lovely and reasonably priced, except for the beers that were over $12 each but that’s just the Icelandic norm.

Distance walked: 26,659 steps – 18.48km

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