Toronto – Distillery district, Carribean festival & Thompson Toronto

Today marks our last day in Toronto.

It is such a great city and we believe staying another day or two wouldn’t have been too much.

We’ve decided to start our day by going to the old distillery district, about 15min walk away from our accommodation.

As it’s name indicates, this neighborhood is where the old British colony distilleries used to be located, and now it is home to warehouses refitted with bars, restaurants, cafes and stores.

The first store we visited was a store selling ‘The Original’ skincare brand, a brand I’ve been dying to trial for a few months. Little did I know they were Canadian!

They have very reputable anti-ageing products that are very affordable ($6 for a serum kind of affordable) with high concentration of active ingredients. Anyway, sorry that’s my love of beauty products talking, basically I bought 2 serums for less than $25.

Then we kept on walking around the area and stopped for a coffee at Balzacs, an old converted warehouse with nice decor.

We then made our way to the other side of the city to catch the carribean festival. The festival itself lasts for a month, but it just so happened that the parade took place when we were there so we had to go have a look.

We’ve decided to only watch it from the road as we weren’t too bothered to get in the entertainment quarter and pay for entry.

The parade was fun to look at, but not as amazing at Mardi Gras though as it seems that anyone can join the parade which makes it look a bit disorganised. But we’re happy we got to see it nonetheless. A very fun and lively atmosphere!

After, we walked back towards the city to reach Thompson Toronto hotel for a drink. It’s a hotel with a rooftop pool and bar.

Unfortunately we couldn’t make it to the pool as it’s reserved for hotel guests only, but we could still enjoy a drink with a view.

Finally, we made our way to Dundas street to get to OVO’s flagship store, Drake’s brand. We wanted to potentially buy a small item from there but couldn’t really find anything that we liked so decided otherwise.

After checking out from our accommodation downtown, we made our way to our accommodation for the night, a room 10 min away from the airport.

Tomorrow’s alarm will be a very early one (4am!) to get to Calgary before making our way to the rockies.


  • On weekends and public holidays, Toronto’s public transports are 2 for 1. Our last day fell on a Saturday so we bought an unlimited transport day pass for $12 which we used for the both of us. Amazing value.
  • Thompson Toronto hotel has a great view over the city. Perfect for a mid-afternoon or evening drink. An alternative would be to go to Lavelle hotel across the street, but as we haven’t been so can’t really compare.

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