We have really enjoyed our time in Canada.

From the very French East Coast, to the breathtaking Rockies and all the way to the West Coast, we have had some great times over the past 3 weeks.


The total budget we had forecasted for 3 weeks was $5,744. We ended up spending $5,727 – Pretty bang on!

Breakdown as per below:

Our accommodation in Banff really broke the bank, but it was the best value we could find over the long weekend. Overall, Canadian prices were pretty similar to Australia and with a roughly similar exchange rate, it was easy to stay on track. It seemed pretty good compared to Iceland!

That budget was also pretty low considering we didn’t pay for our accommodation in Montréal, but that’s pretty much what you could expect to spend for a 3 week stay in Canada if you’re careful with your spending and not eating at nice restaurants every night.

What we would have done differently:

  • One and a half days in Québec is enough. 2 nights was pushing it, but we still enjoyed our time there. On the other hand, we could have spent another day or 2 in Toronto, there’s many things to do and see. We really enjoyed this city.
  • If you love nature, hiking and wildlife, flying into Edmonton and drive the Rockies all the way down to the USA would be a pretty cool trip. Allow 2 weeks for such a trip though, as the national parks are big and there are many places to visit.



  • Little Italy was a great suburb to stay at in Montréal. Le plateau or the old town seem to also be good places for a few nights stay in Montreal.
  • Our Banff accommodation was great and our host super friendly and helpful. We can definitely recommend. Link here.

For a bite

  • Québec: Poutineville was a good recommendation for a good Poutine in Canada.
  • Montréal: Schwartz’s Deli is the best place to eat a big and delicious smocked meat sandwich. On the plus side, you might even see Celine there!
  • Toronto: St Lawrence market has many food stalls where you can enjoy some fresh food in a friendly environment. We did enjoy our bagels from St Urbain Bagels.
  • Toronto Island: Toronto Island BBQ & Beer wasn’t the best in terms of food but the view over the city at sunset is pretty magnificent.
  • Vancouver: We enjoyed delicious traditional pancakes at The Templeton. Soft and soaked in Maple syrup. Yum!

For a drink

  • Québec: Ciel! Bar-Bistrot at Hotel Le Concorde for a drink with a great view over the city. No need to pay $15/pp at the observation deck. Just go there instead.
  • Montréal: Les Enfants Terribles was awesome for some late afternoon drinks with a view. It is also a restaurant where you can enjoy some food too.
  • Toronto: The Thompson Hotel has a beautiful view over the roofs of the city. The terrace is big and comfortable and there is no minimum spend. If you stay at the hotel, you can enjoy the pool on the same floor as well.
  • Jasper: Earl’s Kitchen + Bar has a great outdoor terrace for a drink after a long day of walking around the national park.
  • Vancouver: The Top of Vancouver restaurant offers tourists to visit only for drinks and nibbles between 3-5pm. No minimum spend and good views over the city.


  • Definitely would recommend canoeing on Lake Moraine early in the morning when the water and the park are still quiet. It is (very, ridiculously) expensive – $120 for one hour – but unforgettable.
  • Check out the different hikes in the Alberta National Parks. The region is breathtaking and each hike provides different perspectives that makes it a very special place.
  • Get bikes to go around in Vancouver to discover the city. It is very flat with many cycling paths, making it super easy to enjoy.


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