100 days on the road

How do we feel after 100 days of travelling? 100 days away from our baby cat, comfortable bed and fully equipped kitchen?

Well we feel like it’s going way too quickly! We can’t believe it’s been 100 days already. Our wedding day now seems so far away.

Life on the road is still amazing though, and we still love discovering new places together.

What’s hard?

  • Sticking to a budget! As we have set our budget ourselves, we know how much we can spend per country and it’s up to us to manage our budget between activities, hotels, food and transport. Occasionally we’ve needed to disregard doing something or eating out if it didn’t fit the budget, but we have struck a good balance. We’ll never let it stop us doing something we’re really keen on doing, we just know we’ll need to reign it in elsewhere.
  • Eating! We definitely can’t eat out every meal (and wouldn’t want to anyway), but it’s very hard to shop and cook for lunches on the go and cheap dinners with limited kitchen facilities. We’re well and truly over sandwiches, and eating has now sadly pretty much become more about surviving than enjoying! We can’t wait to be reunited with our kitchen in Sydney and cook nice and healthy meals again.
  • Not being with our fur baby 😔 We miss her so much, especially right now as she’s had a dental prodedure to fix an abscess whilst in care, and had to stay at the kitty hospital on her own. We know she’s in good hands there though, and that she’s well looked after by our friends.

What items have been super helpful so far?

Here is the list of items we purchased and that have made our life so much easier whilst travelling:

  • Packing cubes: these are so helpful! You know exactly what is where, and allow you to pack and unpack in a blink of an eye. Well worth buying for long term travel.
  • Compression travel storage bags: another lifesaver. We have packed our winter items in these as they’re bulky and have allowed us to save precious space in our suitcases.
  • Sandwich bags: can be used for so many purposes! Sandwiches, snacks, leftovers, medicine, cosmetics, you name it.
  • Flat pack water bottle: it can be flat packed when empty, or can hold over 700ml of water when full. This has allowed us to cut on purchasing plastic bottles, and it also has a caribina to latch onto bags which makes it easy to transport. Moreover, they take up next to no space when empty.
  • Multi poweboard: having phones, laptop, tablet, camera, watch etc to charge on a daily basis, owning a multi power board has proven more than useful to avoid fighting over plugs. Having one with multiple usb ports makes it even more useful.
  • Around the world data sim card: not having to buy a new sim card in ever country has saved us so much money and time. We invested in 2 round the world data sim cards back in Sydney, providing us with 50GB of data (for about $120) for the total length of our trip. Not all countries are included, but most of them are which makes it super useful. Something else to ration, though!

So far, our top 3 were (in no particular order) :


  • South Iceland
  • Canadian rockies
  • Puglia


  • Porto
  • Toronto
  • Polignano A Mare


  • Lake Moraine canoeing
  • Silfra fissure snorkelling
  • Greek island sailing


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