New York- Wall Street, Meat Packing district & The Met

Today was another full on day of sightseeing. A solid 12 hour day saw us get around many different districts. New York has so many places to see we could visit the city non-stop for weeks.

We started our day by walking down from our accommodation through Tribeca towards the 9/11 memorial.

The area there is mostly business related, and there aren’t loads of things to see except for tall, very tall, skyscrapers.

We arrived at the 9/11 memorial and were really moved by the vacant space they left. Though we haven’t seen the space when they were there, seeing the 2 holes in the ground with all of the deceased people’s names engraved on the edge of the pools was very emotional. What a crazy attack this was.

We then continued towards the Staten Island ferry terminal at the bottom of Manhattan. We saw online that you can take a ferry which sails in front of the Statue of liberty and provides a good view of it, all free.

When we got there, the queue for the ferry was pretty crazy but we managed to make our way between people to get on the ferry first. We got one of the best spots, upstairs on the right hand side of the ferry with the best view over the statue. It’s so small compared to all of the massive skyscrapers in the rest of the city!

Once we arrived in Staten Island, we got the ferry back straight away to Manhattan and got a great vantage point to enjoy city views this time.

Once back, we took the subway to Chelsea to visit the Meat Packing district and The Highline. Back in the days, it used to be a pretty dangerous place to hang around but it is now a really cool neighbourhood with lots of high end shops, restaurants, and a cool market (Chelsea Market).

After browsing around, we made our way up The Highline all the way to the Vessel in Hudson yards. The Highline used to be a subway train line, rehabilitated as a pedestrian path with art pieces along the way and great city views.

At the end of the highline, you can now find the Vessel, a new art installation that opened back in March 2019.

To get in, you need to register to get a time slot using a QR code. As we couldn’t get the scan to work, we started having a chat with one of the workers there. Though our time slot was 1.5 hours later, our new buddy (who we chatted with for a while) got us in without having to wait. Thanks buddy!

We then hopped on the subway to make our way to The Met (Metropolitan Museum of Art). On Fridays and Saturdays the museum closes at 9pm, which allowed us to arrive a bit later to check the place out and maximise our day.

The building itself is really beautiful, with its iconic stairs and fountain at the front.

The inside of the Met is huge, and there are so many rooms to visit. We obviously couldn’t do everything, but we enjoyed some great Impressionist paintings (of course!), along with some European and American art. Pretty cool.

We also had a great surprise to see that they had an Apollo 11 exhibition for the moon landing anniversary. It was an awesome addition to our already great time at the museum.



  • The Met is huge. Allow a full day (or days) depending of your love for art and available time in the city.
  • The Staten Island ferry is crazy busy as it’s free. Go 15-20min before the ferry leaves, and get ready to race upstairs on the right hand side for the best views.
  • Go early or late to visit the Vessel, or be prepared to kill 1hr+ (there’s a shopping centre near by, so wouldn’t be too difficult). Or make friends with the staff!

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