New York- Central Park, Times Square & Top of the Roc

Today, for our 4th day in New York, we decided to wake up early because of a very jam packed schedule!

We started our day by going to the Rockefeller center to get our time slot for the evening. Doing this, you avoid queuing for hours.

After this, we headed near Central Park to pick up our bikes for the morning.

For our time in New York we bought a City Explorer pass, which cost about $160AUD each and allowed us to pick 5 activities from a long list.

Our first activity was The Met, second was Top of the Roc, and our third a Central Park bike rental.

We got our bikes around 9am and headed to the park for a roam around.

Central Park was busy! It has a loop going in the middle available for runners, cyclists and small golf cars and horses all divided in separate lanes.

The Loop is one way though, so you have to go all the way to come back and dismount to see the different sites in the park.

The park is huge! It’s beautiful and really well maintained, with plenty to see from the different lakes and famous areas such as the Mall (tree lined path) and the Umpire (the rock providing one of the most famous views over the city).

We had a great time cycling around it over a few hours, stopping for a nice coffee in the middle.

After our little bike ride, we made our way towards the Upper East side to check out the famous expensive apartments, before heading back towards 5th Avenue to check out the different shops and the Rockefeller Plaza. The latter of course home to the huge Christmas tree and ice skating square over the Christmas holidays.

We then headed to The Burger Joint for dinner. It is a tiny Burger place hidden behind the curtains of a fancy hotel just south of Central Park, and serves what is apparently one of the best burgers in the US. It was pretty tasty indeed.

After our carb refill, we made our way to Times Square to check out what the fuss was all about – wow it is bright!!

Times Square is by far the craziest place we’ve ever visited. All these neon signs, digital displays and noise is unreal and unlike anywhere else in the world. Truly crazy! Sensory overload.

It was then getting nearer the time we had selected to go visit the Top of the Roc, so after a few minutes walk and more time queuing we reached the top of the Rockefeller building. We purposely chose a night time slot to enjoy the view of the city beautifully lit up.

The view from up there was breathtaking! New York truly is a magical place and we couldn’t be happier it made the cut on our ‘Big Trip’ to do list. About time!


  • The City Explorer Pass was a great value pass to purchase. We saved at least 30-40% on actual sites ticket value and got to visit the main sites in NYC without stress.
  • The Burger Joint is a great place for Burger cravings. They have other restaurants in Singapore, South Korea and Dubai too. Get there early though, there is a queue to order.
  • Cycling around Central Park is a great way to visit this huge park. Dismount as you ride around places you’d like to see. There is a nice ‘Le Pain Quotidien’ in the park (map below) with a lovely terrace to enjoy a nice coffee after a long ride. They also serve lunch.
  • Make sure to pop in to the Roc office to pick a time in the morning of the day you plan to go. Queues can be huge if you just ‘roc’ up.

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