After a very full on start to our trip in Mexico, and a long journey having to layover in Mexico city, we made it to Bacalar. It’s a very small town, made popular due to the surrounding 7 shades of blue lagoon.

We flew into Chetumal, the nearest airport, and was at our first hotel a short taxi ride later.

Bacalar is located down the east coast of Mexico, very near to the Belize border. We did think of visiting Belize whilst near, but couldn’t quite make it work time wise.

After our schedule reshuffling, we now had 3 full days to enjoy this part of Mexico. We had 4 nights, and decided to split them between 2 hotels (our original booking couldn’t accommodate the new extra dates we wanted).

Our first 2 nights were spent in a hotel near the lagoon, but not on it. It was a small hotel, clean, but on the side of the highway and without any views.

On our first day, we decided to have some rest and enjoy the lagoon in one of the day clubs available.

We spent our day at Los Axules, a gorgeous hotel where you can purchase a day pass for 300 pesos per person (about AUD $22), which is then redeemable on food and drinks.

They have the most gorgeous set-up on the lagoon, with day beds, hammocks, swings, and the most jaw dropping views.

We were lucky with the weather for the majority of the day, and enjoyed some great blue skies and a couple of storms.

Paying up front for the day beds and having this little account to spend on food and drink was great. We enjoyed a fabulous day of having great Mexican food, drinks (mostly water and fresh juices, but a Corona of course too), and siestas.

After three huge days of travel – 6 flights and very early alarms – this was just what we were after.

The next day we checked out of our first hotel and made it, bright and early, to our second. We were excited to get to this hotel, as this one was located on the waterfront with hammocks, lounge chairs, a pool, and water sports. The whole shabang.

Luckily, they didn’t seem too bothered by us checking in at 10am, so we took that day to enjoy the hotel facilities and chill again. Mostly tanning, reading, napping, and swimming in the beautifully clear and warm waters of the lagoon.

In the afternoon we decided to venture further out, so took a couple of kayaks out from our hotel.

It seemed as though a big storm was making its way towards us, but luckily we escaped it.

We kayaked around the bird Island and made it to the Cenote Esmeralda nearby. You can’t really tell there is a Cenote there as it is open and part of the lagoon, but you can see the water gets a lot darker and deeper.

We finished the day resting in hammocks, watching the sunset over the lagoon.

On our last day in Bacalar we decided to head in to the town, just to make sure we weren’t missing out on anything there.

After a punishing 25 min walk in the ridiculously humid weather, we reached the town center. It was very quiet, with very little going on except for a few restaurants around. We decided to stop by a coffee shop for a snack before making our way back to our little piece of heaven, and basically just spent the rest of the day chilling. We did go back to Los Axules though, for a lovely dinner.

Overall, one of the best places we’ve been to if you want to unwind.



  • Los Axules is the perfect spot for a day of relaxation. It’s a hotel/restaurant, so you could stay there or simply go for the day and pay for a pass. 300 pesos per person will give you a day bed and access to their facilities (hammocks, swings, access to the lagoon) and is redeemable on food & drinks. Staff were very welcoming and attentive. Loved it there!
  • Casa Bakal is the hotel we stayed at. It was gorgeous with its pool, lagoon access, hammocks, lounge chairs etc. They provide kayaks for free which is a great plus. They also provide boat tours on the lagoon, stand up paddle boards, massages etc at an additional fee. Best place for a rest break.

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