We have really enjoyed our time in Mexico. We haven’t felt unsafe once. If anything, some places in the US were dodgier.

Traveling there during the wet season though meant that the weather was ridiculously humid, and that mosquitoes were everywhere. We enjoyed our time there nonetheless; our highlight was Bacalar, a magnificent place.

Something I must give the Mexicans is their amazing bus services. They are super comfortable and reliable.


We spent $271 over budget in Mexico, spending $2,348 instead of $2,077. This was due to the flight we booked last minute between San Cristobal and Bacalar, but we preferred to stay safe and pay more in this instance.

Breakdown as per below:

Our accommodation were all quite nice and pretty well located. Tulum’s wasn’t amazing, but it did the job. Holbox’s was nice, possibly the best so far, but our room got flooded too. Buses were cheap and a great way to get around the country.

What we would have done differently

  • The first week was FULL ON. We had way too many early mornings and flights to catch. We would have needed at least another couple of days around San Cristobal to do that part of the country properly.
  • Tulum was wet! It was by far the worst in terms of rain, but nothing we could do about it. Probably best to avoid during the wet season.
  • Holbox was lovely, but again going during wet season meant flooded streets and mosquito land. Plan for flip flops and mosquito spray if going during the wet season.



  • Las Mariposas Eco-Hotel & Studios in Oaxaca was a great eco-hotel very close to the town center. Staff were lovely and the breakfast in the garden a big plus. Loved it there.
  • La Abuelita Hostal in San Cristobal de Las Casas was the best value for money. We had a room with private bathroom for $20 a night. Cheapest accommodation ever!
  • Casa Bakal in Bacalar was beauuutiful! Right on the lagoon, it was bliss. We got the cheap room, but they also have little bungalows that look gorgeous with lagoon views.
  • Holbox hotel was nice. Though they didn’t give us anything when my bag got flooded because of their leaking window. Annoying but the setting was very nice.

For a bite

  • Oaxaca: Casa Taviche was a lovely typical Mexican restaurant. Beautiful decor and lovely food for very reasonable price.
  • San Cristobal de las Casas: El Tacoleto had the best tacos ever! So tasty! They were big tacos (we can’t remember the name).
  • Holbox: Coquitos was a great place for some lovely fresh juices and a nice lunch with a view.


  • If visiting Oaxaca, going to Hierve el Agua is a must do. Go with a tour to avoid waiting around all day for the collectivos to leave.
  • If visiting SCDLC, go to Palenque and stay a couple of days to visit Agua Azul, Mizol Ha and the old Mayan city of Palenque. It is huge and deserves a full day of visit.
  • When in Bacalar, visit the lagoon via boat or kayak around. It’s so gorgeous you won’t regret it. Also, Los Aluxes was a gorgeous place to hang out for the day and enjoy the lagoon.
  • Chichen Itza is easily reachable from Tulum. Get on a tour or one of the national buses to visit one of the 7 new wonders of the world.
  • Tulum is the place of many Cenotes. We have only had time to visit one, Gran Cenote, but there are so many around. It’s hard to go wrong. Search Cenotes on Google maps to see the wide array of Cenotes in the area.
  • If, and only if, you’re going to Holbox during the dry season, rent bikes to explore the island. Disregard this tip altogether if visiting during the wet season, unless you don’t mind pedaling in dirty mud puddles.
  • Visit Isla Mujeres when in Cancun. Either stay overnight or simply hop on a ferry for a day trip. You can catch the ferry from downtown or from Playa Tortugas on the peninsula.

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