This post will be rather short as we didn’t find Bogotá too exciting.

We visited Bogotá on 2 occasions. The first after flying from Cancun; this was a quick overnight stay close to the airport before we flew to San Andres. The second time was for a couple of nights after returning from San Andres.

We had booked a bnb in the Chapinero neighborhood, and after landing early afternoon decided to check the area out. Except for a shopping street and a church, we didn’t see anything exciting.

We did try to go for a drink at Odem, a rooftop bar we spotted and looked cool, but got refused entry because Nick was wearing shorts.

After strolling the hectic streets a little more, there wasn’t much else to look at so we retreated back to the bnb with dinner.

The following day we decided to go visit the old suburb of Candelaria, the birth place of Bogotá. As our accommodation was located about 5km away, we decided to walk to Candelaria to see more of the city.

Well we didn’t get to see much. Except for the botanical garden, the walk was on a noisy main road. Our host said this was the nice route – we wouldn’t want to see the other option!

Once we arrived in the Candelaria suburb, we made our way to the Bolivar square and started walking through the old paved streets.

Candelaria was cute, with some great graffiti which made up for the overall ugliness of the city.

We decided to try the different local pastries for lunch, most of them being filled with cheese or meat. Some of them are quite good, and make for a great cheap lunch on the go. Our favourites included bunuelo and empanadas.

After lunch we decided to head to the top of Montserrate, the mountain backdrop of the city.

After a short cable car ride and 21,000 pesos spent per person, we arrived at the top of the hill and chilled there for a while before making our way down. This vantage point provided excellent views, and from there you can really see just how large and spread out Bogotá is.

With nothing else really on our list, and not being too excited by what we saw so far, we decided to make our way back to the bnb. We walked part of the way, and the other part was by very, very crowded bus.

Maybe we missed something (some people we met afterwards told us they liked it), but we didn’t really like Bogotá. We just didn’t find it that exciting or pretty.

Next stop: Cartagena



  • No tips here really. The only thing we enjoyed was the cool graffiti all around. Very bright and colourful. They have special tours you can do to check them out or just stroll around in the streets yourself.

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