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We’re Nick (an Englishman) and Kim (a French woman), who met in Sydney, Australia. Fast forward over 6 years and we’ve just tied the knot in the south of France (31st May 2019). We have now set off on our trip of a lifetime, the so called ‘Big trip’.

The idea behind this journey came up several years ago when we realized that:

1- We both loved traveling

2- We were good at traveling together (i.e. we are able to spend a long period of time together and not kill each other!)

3 – We plan to get even more ‘adult’ in the coming years and start a family, so we saw this as the perfect window. We left our jobs in Sales and Marketing, and seized the opportunity (but not without some extensive planning and saving!)

This blog will be our travel journal. We will try to document each destination; the different places we’ve visited, what’s worth doing, and what we may have done differently. The photos are all taken by Nick, and he also assembles the awesome mini-videos that sum up each destination. The blog part is mostly my job.

Most of our accommodation bookings have been done through Booking.com; the app is a fantastic way to keep track of our schedule. Where it was more cost effective we used AirBnb. We also have created a master Excel spreadsheet that includes key information such as flight details and accommodation/experiences bookings. We did this so that we could keep track of all the information such a trip requires.

So sit tight and enjoy! Don’t hesitate to reach out at bigtrip19@gmail.com if you are interested in hearing more.


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